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Natural THC Sparkling Soda – Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar™

* KT California Endorsed by Canna Bar & Cannabis Talk 101 (iHeartRadio)
* “KT California Broke the Taste Barrier!” * “#1 Best Tasting THC Soda Anywhere!” *
* “It's Smooth, No THC Taste!” “So Smooth” “Smooth Body High” *
* "WOW, It Is a Flavor Explosion; Best THC Mix Brand" (Ryan, Canna Bar) *
* “Its Plant Based; It's Delicious!” * * “So Good! I Love It! Better than White Claw” *
* 1st 20mg THC Dosage Soda” *
* “These MFer’s Delicious” (iHeart Radio Cannabis Talk 101) *
Ryan Smiley (Canna Bar) Endorsement of KT California Drinks:
* "This really is an explosion of flavor! Finally, a carbonated cannabis drink that really outshines the
flavors of traditional sodas. This drink is definitely SoCal Canna Bar approved and recommended!" *

Sales@KTCalifornia.com Julian, Frank Call 949-999-0899
Pre-Launch Super Wholesale Discount / Limited Edition
All Natural Super Premium 20mg Cannabis - Nano Infused Soda
Explosive Taste – Smooth High – All Natural Better Healthier