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Test Results KT California THC


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Ryan Smiley (CannaBar) on KT California Drinks:
"This really is an explosion of flavor! Finally a carbonated cannabis drink that really outshines the flavors of traditional sodas. This drink is definitely SoCal CannaBar approved and recommended!"

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KT California Sparkling Sodas are Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar™

California All-Natural THC & CBD Beverages and Products - Plant-Based Emulsion and Nano Blast Technology - Featuring KT California Cannabis-Infused Premium Natural Sparkling Soda™

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Review KT - Plant based I Love This! This is Delicious!

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KT Cali THC Sodas - Smooth

KT Cali Soda Review - So Good! I Love It! Better than WhiteClaw

KT CALI Review -So Smooth

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KT California Review

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KT California Social Equity Member of the California Cannabis Industry Association

We are pleased to be a Social Equity Member of CCIA

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