“Explosive Smooth Taste,
Purely Nano THC,
No CBD Needed!"

First Purely Nano THC,
Smooth Sparkling Soda”

Ultra-Luxe, All Natural, Nano Infused,

THC Smooth Sparkling Sodas

(The First In THC Beverage's Category!)

THC Wellness is the rage. From Boomers to Millennials, to Gen X to Z, generations are seeking better healthier products. 

Problem: Some want to relax or even get high, but do not want to drink alcohol or smoke cannabis. This population is far greater than the current cannabis market. It includes the Wholefood's clientele. 

The Solution: TasteCalifornia (by KT California) is All Natural, Nano infused with Xtreme B-Boost. It's Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar (TM); with organic ingredients.   

Wanna TasteCalifornia?
“It’s a Flavor Explosion;
I Don’t Even Taste the THC”

TasteCalifornia Ultra Luxe THC Wellness - Smooth Sparkling Soda

I Don’t Drink, I Don’t Smoke?
I’m Into Health & Wellness
I Wanna Relax, and Maybe Even Get a Smooth High!
How Can I Try THC-Wellness?

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Try TasteCalifornia
Ultra-Luxe, All Natural, Nano Infused,

THC Smooth Sparkling Sodas

Nano Blast™ Infused, with Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar™, and Xtreme B Boost™

Why All The Buzz About the Product?

TasteCalifornia by KT California is the only Ultra-Luxe All Natural Super-Premium THC Sparkling Soda brand on the market and the first to break through the taste barrier with Explosive Taste with No THC taste, NO bitterness, and NO after-taste; with Nano-Blast and Xtreme B Boost. No artificial ingredients. We are also the first 20mg drink with a resealable Dosing Cap.

We understand, that many if not most of us want to RELAX and or get a SMOOTH HIGH, but want an alternative to smoking (Cannabis) and drinking alcohol.


NOTE: You must buy this product from a licensed dispensary or delivery service. Ask for KT California brands.


Ultra-Luxe, All Natural, NanoBlast Infused, XTreme B-Boost in 4 Flavors

Google your local Dispensary and Order
or Click Here 

Our reviews are off-the-chart; no company has better reviews and endorsements. Reviews


KT Taste California Reviews Video

KT California Endorsed by CannaBar

Ryan Smiley (CannaBar) on KT California Drinks:
"This really is an explosion of flavor! Finally a carbonated cannabis drink that really outshines the flavors of traditional sodas. This drink is definitely SoCal CannaBar approved and recommended!"

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CannaBar Event KT Soda Review Endorsement

KT California Sparkling Sodas are Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar™

California All-Natural THC & CBD Beverages and Products - Plant-Based Emulsion and Nano Blast Technology - Featuring KT California Cannabis-Infused Premium Natural Sparkling Soda™

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